Book Review: I Kissed Dating GoodBye, Joshua Harris.

Hey you’ll! My fellow Bloggers and my dear readers. I really hope that your doing fine.

A friend of mine called Lincoln Bazira I prefer calling him Maurice though, recommend for me this book, Thank you so much Maurice, and well I grabbed the chance because the title was quite captive. Do you know those books that make you feel like you want to do everything that it’s talking about, call it imitation or re-evaluating your life, this book is among those. I fell in love with this book but well it’s very brief, I actually wanted it to keep going on and on, haha. Anyways, am reviewing a book called I kissed Dating GoodBye by Joshua Harris let’s roll…….

when you first glance at the title of this book, you get all these imaginations, that it’s basically advise for you to quit dating. Am I right? Well at least that is what I thought it was about, but to be honest that isn’t entirely the case. It’s basically to encourage us to build genuine relationships with the opposite sex and other people, Puting God at the center of your relationships and loving others like Christ did without expectations in return. Anyhow, this is what the author says in his introduction.

Thanks for picking up this book. Some people never get past the title. “My friends won’t touch it,” one girl told me . “They hear the title and say , ‘There’s no way I would do that.’ One guy urged me to change the title. “More people would read it,” he said. May be he’s right.

Joshua Harris

Some of you may be in that category of the people saying, hell no am not giving up on dating, So I can’t dare read such a book. Well, no one is asking you to, all Josh Harris addresses in his book is the tendencies of playing around with people’s feels and other people’s future wives and husbands, having fun at the expense of others. Sometimes we as human beings especially us youths engage in a relationship when you know damn well, that there is no where your heading with the particular relationship but you still waste the other person’s time, and at the end you have even broken their heart, because they had given in completely to the relationship, that’s sad right, you keep breaking other people’s hearts over and over again, Who do you think you are? Some of us are just playing around, since we are very idle with our time or even our life, please get something to focus on, am sorry to say, you cause people to lose their purity before time because you claim they have to prove they love you, Are you God!

Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.

Mark 9:42
Josh Harris is a former pastor, and an American author. The book I Kissed Dating Goodbye was published In 1997.

I’ve come to understand that God’s Lordship in my life doesn’t merely tinker with my approach to romance, it completely transforms it. God not only wants me to act differently. He wants me to think differently, to view love , purity, and singleness from his perspective, to have a new lifstyle and a new attitude.

Josh Harris.

If your single and not in a relationship please wait until your ready to be serious and love that person like you would like to be loved back. If your in a relationship, evaluate it, ask yourself if your trying to love that person like Christ loves us, or if your very willing to commit to that person for life, if not just quit and allow both of you heal much earlier. With all that said, my greatest take home was, only date if your ready to commit or marry that particular person, the dating must be free from the physical actions so as to keep pure till marriage, to be intentional about our dating and to also make genuine relationships with the opposite sex without having romantic speculations in mind. I actually hate this kind of mind set, where people believe that we can’t have an opposite gender, just for a friend, they always think there is more to it, damn. Since I believe it’s very possible because some of my very good friends are actually gentlemen. And I see different people having opposite gender as very good friends too.

Waiting until I’m ready for commitment before pursuing romance is just one example of letting Christ’s love control my relationships with the opposite sex. Each person has to examine his or her own life and ask what it means to love others like Christ. I won’t pretend that the day-to-day issues of dealing with attraction or how close a friendship should get are easy to sort through (we’ll talk more about this later in the book). But I’m learning to make God’s word, not my feelings, the guide. And as I do, my love is getting smarter. Yes, the Bible actually teaches that our love can and should grow in knowledge.

Joshua Harris

I actually was evaluating my relations, as I was interacting with this book, I even considered ending all, if not some of the relationships am in, honestly! But, Well, I just decided to work on my intentions for the different relationships and make them purposeful. I decided to try and give genuine and unconditional love plus support where necessary, it’s not easy. Since I have been loving or call it associating with some people with expectations. So basically, this book has helped me to know how best to build genuine relationships, and more insight on Christian dating.

Learn to treasure and respect other people’s feelings, because I guess you wouldn’t want to be “taken for a ride” Right! I assure you no one wants to go through that. Don’t be the cause of others stumbling in their walk with Christ just because you played around with their precious heart. Only date if your willing and ready to commit to that person. It’s never easy with all the crushing and admirations we face growing up, allow God guide you because he loved you first with a priceless love, trust that he also knows best.

Disclaimer! am no saint, though am here all blubbering. That aside Please my readers, I encourage you to get that book and interact with it find out more, this was just a tip on a iceberg. Thank you for reading.

Till then estimated readers.

A bunch of love.

You Are Where You Need To Be.

I am where I have to be. Tell yourself that until you believe it.

Greetings beloved! How are you all? As for me am fine, I pray that you doing well yourself.

I decided to write about this issue since I believe that it affects most of us and it’s quite personal to me, because it happens alot in my life, infact I was even debating on whether to talk about it or not. But yeah here I am to share with to all. And as usual am always so excited to write and share my thoughts with you.

Often times we get in too the different things, let’s say programs, businesses, relationships and all the different things, at the end of the day when they suffer a set back, we start asking ourselves if that is where we really are supposed to be. “Is this where I really belong” those are the questions that keep running through our ninds. For the Christians, they start asking God, “if this is really where am supposed to be or am I just pushing myself to be here against your will? God can never place you where you don’t belong folks.

I would like to believe that this happens to a number of us as humans, I for one, whenever I don’t perform to my expectations, especially in my course works or test or even my relation with others, I start to ask God if this is really where he wants me to be, or if there is any delay in my tuition, I tell God can we really do this, because sometimes their is no hope at all, and I forget that he is might! Sometimes with my friends I also ask myself if I am surrounded by people who are able to add value in my life, or are these people just keeping me from my purpose. But then I also remember this scripture.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

Everytime we get set backs we question God, not knowing that everything happens because he has planned it like that right from the beginning. God has never told us that we won’t face challenges, since he had to face them too. Let’s just push past those little things that set us back. It’s the enemy standing in your way/destiny friends.

Tell yourself always that you are where you need to be. Work hard on whatever it is that your doing, do your best because that is exactly where your supposed to be. Use everything you have to make yourself and everyone around you proud. Above all glorify God with the different position that you are place in, no matter the set backs.

Every test that you have experienced is the kind that normally comes to people. But God keeps his promise, and he will not allow you to be tested beyond your power to remain firm; at the time you are put to the test, he will give you the strength to endure it, and so provide you with a way out.

1 Corinthians 10:13

Well friends, that is just the short one I thought of sharing. Thanks for reading.

Till then Estimated readers. Stay safe.

Father’s Love.

Hey you’ll! It a beautiful day right.

I didn’t plan to do this but well, it’s father’s day and after wishing my most amazing father. I just decided to bring it all to my blog site, since I can best express myself through Writing and he is among the people that inspire me to be what I have to be. Besides I wanted to wish all my readers who are fathers too, So you’ll here we go.

Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers across the world, the people who are always silently behind our success all through, right from when we start the walk, they are there to push us. They work so hard just to put us in school and sustain us in life, such selfless love.

Here is my everyday Hero, my first love.

A father’s love, one of the most amazing kind of love, this love is very tough haha, especially for African fathers, Africans can clearly relate. One of the most complicated love yet it’s very much present at all times, the selfless kind of love that makes them move all around just to provide for their little ones. I could go on and on but I just want to keep this brief.

Thank you to all our dear fathers for all the sacrifices, selflessness, love, protect, guidence, provision, I can’t mention them all, the list is too long. Thank you so much fathers remember you are loved, treasured, cherished, and you are such a blessing to us all. May God bless you all and we pray every for God to sustain you.

Cheers 🥂 to our everyday heros.

Till then estimated readers.

Book Review: Battlefield Of The Mind.

Hello you’ll! I hope that you all doing great! Am very fine, all Glory to God.

Well, readers it has been quiet awhile ever since I last wrote, I have been wanting to write about somethings but I was so much taken up by this book, Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer. This book really captured my attention because it speaks about things that happened in our day to day life that we don’t pay much attention to, yet it really affects us. Am so thrilled to share some of my take home from this book, with you dear readers, let’s start you’ll.

Winning the battle in your mind. Pauline Joyce Meyer is an American Charismatic Christian author and speaker and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries. The book was first published in 1995.

As human beings, we all have gone through some ‘stuff’ that can never leave our minds so easily, and in most cases these are the bad and terrible things that we pass through during our growing up. It could be from parents or any other person which affects us as we grow up and the devil uses it to mess up our future lives. For instance some people grow up in abusive homes, and that pain hardly leaves. Others were always undermined and made to believe that they can never succeed, so everytime they try out something, their mind is also busy telling them that they can’t do it or can’t move any further in life making them settle for less.

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…………….

Proverbs 23:7

Joyce Meyer in this book says that, she wants to establish firmly in your heart forever that you need to begin to think about what you are thinking about. In other words think about what you think, be cautious about your thinking. So many people’s problems are rooted in thinking patterns that actually produce the Problems they experience in
their lives. Satan offers wrong thinking to everyone, but we donot have to accept his offer.

Everything that we do and that is shown on the out side as our actions starts from the mind, therefore Satan sits in our mind and start to play around with our thinking using the same things that we passed through. He hates to see us fulfill our God given purpose, because he knows that the mind is the key to every action. The mind is the strongest drive to our actions, once you believe something in your mind then doing it will not be a problem. But our mind is influenced by a number of things, all the things that we experience, learn and feel are kept up in our mind.

Meyer in her book says that, the devil uses our mind by bringing in the past traumatic experiences to mess around with our minds and manipulate us into doing things that keeps us from our God made purpose, you find out that a person may have given his or her life to Christ, but when there is this issue or problem that is keeping them from having a great personal relationship with God. She says that the devil takes his time in our life to sabotages everything in our lives and when he is at that he makes sure that he takes his time to establish his game plan. Here is what she has to say how the devil wages his war against us.

Joyce Meyer

He lies to me and you. He tells us everything about our lives about other people and about circumstances that are just not true. He does not however, tell us the entire lie at one time. He begins by bombarding us with the cleverly devised pattern of little nagging thoughts, suspicions, doubts, fears, wanderings, reasoning and theories. He moves slowly and cautiously(after all, well- laid plans take time). Remember, he has a strategy for his warfare. He has studied us for along time. He knows what we like and what we don’t like.

He knows our insecurities,
our weaknesses and our fears. He knows what bothers us
most. He is willing to invest
any amount of time it takes to defeat us. One of the devil’s strong points is patience.

Joyce Meyer

Reading this book has enabled me to understand that every thing that influences our minds negatively, comes from the past experiences in our lives that might, affect our self esteem, self worth, confidence, our future and especially how we relate with the different people. The mind is so powerful and it keeps everything that we have gone through, which later on comes back to hunt us. Let’s learn to move on from our past and fight the wars in our mind, to avoid being lied to by the devil. Lift your self up and walk again, you can do it.

For those who live according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who live according to the spirit, the things of the spirit.

Romans 8:5

Well friends, despite everything, all the pain, hurt, sorrow among others, we can fight against it and emerge victorious, through prayer, genuine praise to the lord, creating a relationship with God, and also forgiving the people who wronged us. Let’s learn to acccept everything that happened in the past, we can only change it through praying about it and self awareness.

Remember we all have a past that we are dealing with, don’t deny it just rise up and face whatever it is. Don’t allow the devil to manipulate you into look down on you self. You are valuable, you were created for a purpose greater that you can ever imagine.

Please read that book that Battlefield of the Mind, It’s beautiful.

Till then estimated readers.


What Stands In Between Your Relationship With God.

“Take my heart I am yours, groom me up to be like you, help me love you like you love me, Jesus I am yours”, lines from a song I love. I told you not to be surprised when I bring in lines from a song. I love music.

How are you’ll fellow Bloggers and my priceless readers! I hope you all doing well, am doing just fine myself.

Most of us believers, crave to have a smooth and great relationship with God our creator, but often times we have all these things that stand between us and our walk with God. This topic today is going to make me sound like a “preacher” (hahahah), but well as long as you understand what am trying to say who cares. Am not a preacher though, am just God’s vessel. And I believe that you probably must have had about what am talking about but well, I just want to add my thoughts and voice to it.

So as I was reading this book, “The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warrens” he was talking about us having a relationship with God which sounds like a very easy thing to do, but it is quite some work to establish that relationship, if you all agree. So it go me thinking what are those things that stand between us and God, there a quite a number of things, each and every one of us has that factor that is stopping you from relating with God like you really want.

Some of the things may be your job, work, friends, phones, food, music, movies, books, games name them, I can’t list them all because the list is quite too long. Often times we make those things to become our idols and we don’t really realise it because I mean your deeply focused on that particular thing that you don’t seem to see that it’s taking you astray. For instance, most of us wake up and immediately grab our phone and start chatting with friends, but when we haven’t really thanked the one who has given us his breath for free, we read all the different message, yet we haven’t read his word that helps us to understand him and strength our relationship with him.

For all have Sinned and Fall Short of the Glory of God.

Romans 3:23

Well you’ll am not perfect, am not even close to it. I believe we are all not perfect, we are sinners. Although, not quite proud of it, we sin continuously knowingly and unknowingly. I have realised the major factor that stands between my relationship with God is other relationships.

When I talk about relationships I don’t necessarily mean with the opposite gender, am talking about all sorts of relationships be it with a girl, boy, man or woman they affect my relationship with God. Am one person who values relationships with others alot, whenever I relate with people I give in my all, and as you all know the heart is not quite a good judge. So if I relate with people that don’t know God they make me stumble in my walk with God and if I relate with ones that have a close relationship with God, I also get to Strength my walk with God too.

Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteous with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness.

2 Corinthians 6:14

Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good Habits.”

1 Corinthians 15:33

So, I have decided to relate with people who add value to my life, so that they also encourage me to Strength my walk with God because it’s very important to me, it’s the most important relationship in life. There is a say, “tell me who you walk with, and I will tell you your character/behavior.” When you relate with people who add value to your life you realise that you also succeed well and become prosperous, because you have support from the right people.

I am learning to be intentional about my relationships and people that I choose to be in my inner circle, with the help of God of course. I rather spend time alone in my space, than relate with people who will keep me from my purpose and my walk with God.

But seek First the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Matthew 6:33

We have to pray and ask God to show us all those things that stop us from relating well with him. So that we work one them, it could be fear, pain, worry, problems, among others. Find out and work on it, our walk with God is very important.

As I conclude, am not perfect, am struggling with my walk with God, but am working on it. I also encourage you to search yourself and work on that thing or things between you and God. Ask God to help you through, he surely will.

Thank you esteemed readers for reading.

Till then readers. A bunch of love.

Tribes And Cultures


Hello my fellow Bloggers and my esteemed readers! I hope the week is moving on smooth despite all the hills that we seem be climbing.

So today I have decided to tell you’ll about my other side of life, actually it’s some sort of advertisement, meanwhile I was really debating on whether to write about this or not for days. Tribes and cultures is the name of our small, growing business which was started about a year ago, it is run by me and my best, childhood friend called Akol Grace. We are both students, she is in her last semester at MUBS and am in my second year at UCU, so we came together and decided to do business which will last for a number of years, God willing.

My friend and I, business partners.

So tribes and cultures, deals in making bracelet, keyholders and combs used to hold and design lady’s hair, we basically take in your orders and we make for you what you want as a person, in other words you choose we make. Basically you just have to make an order with a clear description of what you want and we make it for you, plus we also do delivery.

More about the delivery part, we only make delivery for the people around Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso districts because we don’t charge for delivery currently, so delivery is basically on us. But if you make an order and your up country, we can still put it on the bus and you get it. We are planning on taking our business to jumia, and other online applications very soon so that we can be able to reach our different customers from all the various parts of the world.

Why Tribes and Cultures? Well, we chose that name because we play around with people’s Cultural “stuff” to come out with a bracelet, keyholder and a comb, we want a person to be able to carry a piece of their culture just around their wrist. Because culture is one huge, but important aspect. So we thought of something small that a person can carry around, which reminds them of their culture and we came up with a bracelet, keyholder, and a comb. We make them for both ladies and gentlemen.

The other thing is that you may want to gift your loved one with something small, well, we got you covered. In most cases these things that we see as small really mean alot to the person to whom it has been given. We don’t have a permanent place that we call location for now, since we are both students we don’t earn, we just use our little up keep money to invest and expand. Besides we have to be at school. So we work online, where by you make an order, then we deliver after working on it.

A collection of all our work.

Well for more information about tribes and Cultures, contact us on Instagram @tribesandculture, Twitter @tribesandculures and Facebook at tribes and Cultures still. You can still contact me through leaving a comment and I will get back to you.

Thanks alot for so much for reading. Please support our small growing business. Stay blessed

Till then.

Liebster Award.

#liebsteraward #blog

The Leibster award nominated by Sparkle one of the blogger I have just met, I feel she is a wonderful person to relate with, just by reading her amazing writings, she is currently participate in #winterABC2020 challenge, your welcome to pass by and read through. Thank you Sparkle for the nomination. Let me move to the questions they are quite exciting.


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions given to you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers
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Questions and Answer:

What is your favourite book and why?

Currently, its The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warrens. This book made me leave my comfort zone, it brought out a whole new fire in me to seek God more, it has inspired me to be intentional in everything I do with my life , It enables me to see beyond myself and what I want, but to put in mind that God is the center of everything we have to do his will. I could go on and on explaining the reasons why that book since they are quite many but well let me rest it at that.

What song do you currently have on repeat?

Well, it’s a list not just a song, and come to think of it, I love songs by Caleb and Kelsey, they are a married couple that repeat people’s songs and combine them with their beautiful voices. So yes anytime and anywhere their songs are amazing. #calebKelsey

Which season (Autumn, Spring, Summer or Winter) of the year describes you?

As everyone was saying that, Uganda has only two seasons, the dry and wet. I prefer the wet in Uganda because I love the cold, and probably I would choose the winter for the seem reasons, and because I love watching the snow fall even in movies.

In the event of an emergency home evacuation, what is the first item you grab?

Honestly, I don’t know. I think I would probably grab nothing, since am one person who quickly gets anxious. And you’ll know that emergency situations

Which historical figure would you most like to meet and why?

Albert Eiestin, I love his quotes they’re inspirational.

What makes a good blog?

Speaking from the heart or let’s say writing from the heart is the way to go. Everything done from the heart success is guaranteed. And there’s is always interest to produce great content for readers.

Back to the past or forward to the future?

Forward of course, but well one has to always visit the past and try to avoid the mistakes made or even try to amend them.

Your dream vacation?

Well well well, this would be anywhere in the world, a place around water, natural wind and a glimpse of nature. It has to be very quiet and peaceful. Soft music, a book plus a pen are a must. Just that is my craving.

The greatest movie of all time?

Anytime and anyday, war room will do. I love that movie that I have watched it over and over again I still I fall in love with it everytime. So yes war room.

Wealth or health?

Health is priceless, with health you can achieve anything.

Your proudest moment?

Whenever I choose to be intentional with everything I do in my life. Am proud of me.

I nominate, anyone interested in taking part. Please go ahead and grab the opportunity. We choose to deal with the questions above.

Thank you. Till then

The Brian Stomers Award

Hello estimated readers and fellow bloggers

It’s an honor to be recognized and given this award, receiving such awards is a motivation and helps foster engagement in the blogging community. I was nominated for The BrainStorms Award by Blogs By J at He is an amazing writer, I love reading his blogs about life and advise, he is always among the first people to read my blogs. Thank you a bunch for this nomination!


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About my Blog:

I started my blog just about two weeks ago, and manh! I feel like I took long to engage in this because I believe that this is where I belong. My blog site is basically about what I read, learn and experience in life, faith and culture. I just bring in my views for people to read and learn from them, to build my confidence in expression and to also learn more about everything through people’s comments and writings as I also read from different blogs.

Questions And My Answers.

1. What do you like about writing? I love alot of things about writing but the main reason is that I get to share my views, experiences and lessons in life with the different people. And the other important reason is that the more I write the more I learn, because you can’t write what you don’t know, so you have to read widely and research about what you want to tell your readers and in the process you as a writer can get to learn a number of things.

2. What is the greatest life lesson that you have learned? I would just say, I have learnt to put God at the center of everything in my life because he is the author of my life, am just a vessel. And the other lesson is to be humble, humility is very necessary for success. Not forgetting respect for all human beings regardless of anything, those are my greatest lessons

3. What has been your biggest challenge this year? Well, with the COVID 19 pandamic that is currently trending world wide, everything had to be put on hold including our education, so that is quite a challenge to me because I would be done with all the stress of the semester and be expecting to go for another year this August. But we are just hopeless home, not knowing the fate of school and institutions yet in Uganda, so it’s my challenge this year.

4. Where do you find inspiration? Knowing and being assured that my creator, my God is there for me no matter what, Inspires me most to do whatever I have to do.

5. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Am an introvert, type melancholic with some traits of a Choleric.

My Nominees:

Baluka Hannah Stacey.

Khanani Daniella.

Humanity Boss.

Musanjufu Benjamin Kavubu.


Questions To Nominees:

1. What’s the greatest risk you’ve ever taken?

2. What’s the single best piece of advice you ever received?

3. What’s your favorite word?

4. What was your favorite subject in school, Why?

5. If you could spend a day in someone else’s shoes, whose would they be? Why?

I nominatee you because I love your writing and believe in you. Keep up the amazing content and let’s continue to spread love to our blogging community!

Thank you.

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How Well Do You Know Your Culture?


Culture’s worth huge, huge risks. Without culture, we’re all totalitarian beasts.

Norman Mailer.

Itye Nining?” It means how are you in Lwo(Acholi) language, a tribe from the northern part of Uganda.

So since am talking about culture I decide to greet you’ll in my tribe today (hahaha), well culture is among the most important things that we should cherish as we carry on with our day to day living. Just some quick questions for you to ponder on as we continue, How Well Do You Know Your Culture?, If your a parent, are you teaching your children your indigenous Culture? and If your an aspiring parent hope your planning to educate your children about your Culture!

Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs.

Thomas Wolfe.

I understand Culture as the way of life of the different societies, Culture is diverse, because each and everyone of us belongs to a different culture. Therefore I don’t intend to tackle all of it, I will basically talk about a little part of African culture for today. Well let me, tell you a little story of my life in regards to Culture.

Preservation of one’s own culture does not require contempt or disrespect for other cultures.

Cesar Chavez

I was born by an Acholi man and a musoga woman, my beloved parents, clearly they are from different cultures, because in Uganda your tribe determines your culture, which is a very common case for most of us. Growing up was entirely in the central part of Uganda, making me exposed to the central way of life, and the central is basically dominated by the Baganda, who speak Luganda language, from the time I came out of my mother’s womb till now as I speak, I have been in the central part of Uganda. Luganda was the first language that I spoke and it’s the language I speak best apart from English, I have grown up in buganda, gone to schools around buganda, so I can boldly tell you dear readers that I am more exposed to buganda culture than my own culture, in fact I know most of the cultural “stuff” of buganda.

Which is a shame right, because am supposed, I mean we are supposed to be know more of our culture than other people’s Cultures. Well am not refusing the fact that it’s great to know other people’s Cultures, because we associate with different people, it doesn’t hurt to understand alittle bit of their culture, it actually makes life more easy and fun.

Culture makes all men gentle.


So ladies and gentlemen, I have spent 98% of my life in Buganda, (hahaha) am not so statistical but well I just wanted you to understand what I mean by spending most of my life in Buganda, and I think that in most cases numbers help. I have gone to schools that value other people’s Cultures but ofcourse the schools being in Buganda the culture always dominates.

Some of you maybe already asking yourselves where does her culture fit in the story, well you’ll I was blessed with a man who loves his culture alot for a father and so when I was still a child I was able to learn Lwo(Acholi) language, because my father strictly wanted only “our” language to be used at home and well, we had to obey so I got to learn the language and I think that is the only thing I know best in my culture from childhood, because I don’t remember being taught any other thing, if my memory serves me right, I know that am supposed to kneel for elders my mother taught me that, but I even don’t know if in my culture we are supposed to kneel, because I see some kneeling and others don’t so it’s quiet confusing. Since my father was a very busy man during my growing up,

Disclaimer! Am not trying to point fingers, blame someone or even justify my not knowing my Culture. Because, with my 20 something years (hahaha), I can teach myself my Culture, through all the possible means necessary due to the fact that, I really need to know and understand my Culture in depth, we all need to. I have just used my story and my experience to bring out a clear picture of what I wanted to talk about and to get you thinking, hope the picture came out clear.

If we are to preserve culture we must continue to create it.

Johan Huizinga.

Many of the parents today don’t want to speak their languages at home with their children claiming it’s “primitive”, let alone to teach their children their culture because apparently they are very busy which is true, but culture is also important. And to the children that also look down upon the culture claiming it “archaic” and that they are in the “age of civilization.” My dear, wait till you have to speak you language to prove to people that you really belong to that tribe and your “green” about everything.

Culture gives us our identities and sense of belonging right from the name to the language among others, today especially in Africa when your introduce yourself and mention your name, everybody in the congregation will start to try and figure out where you “belong” by just the mention of your name, some people don’t want to give their children cultural names just because they want to show that they are “civilized“. Oh Please, get time and educate your children about their culture because somethings are learnt best when at a tender age, you can also opt to take them to the village during vacation or holiday seasons if you are genuinely busy with work, so that the grand parents do the job, they are great at it. Teach them small small things, they say one by one makes a bundle.

Today there is alot of incest because people don’t know the dos and don’ts in their culture, a person ends up falling in love at a point of marriage with a woman having his mother’s surname, without knowing that it’s an abomination (in Buganda you can never get married or marry a woman or man having your mother’s or father’s surname respectively, it’s a complete abomination). As a parent,Does your child know the dos and Don’ts if you culture? As a young person, Do you know the dos and Don’ts of your culture. Think about it.

It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.

Maya Angelou.

Let’s love our cultural heritage, embrace it, educate the young ones about it, so that we can push it to the next and next generations, so that it doesn’t fade away, it’s our identity. But first let’s take time and learn about it because we can’t teach what we don’t know.

I appeal to you to teach your children, so that they have what to transfer to the next generation. Young people let’s open up to learn our cultures and Let’s sustain our culture for the future generations, let’s refuse to watch our Cultures fade away.

I don’t know my culture very well so I commit to learning it, and I sure will have to teach my children their culture it’s their birth right, hope your planning to do the same.

Apwoyo” It means thank you in Lwo. Till then estimated readers.

Temperament Combinations Are Necessary To Know.

Final series.

Hey Hey! Hope you well dear estimated readers!

Disclaimer! I enjoy spending time with people alot especially family and friends.

Although, I must say that my best moments are when am alone with myself, so if am in a room with me, reading a book or anything, writing, listening to music, watching movies and chatting on social media, are my best moments since I love spending time alone, I have no problem being alone. Which makes me an introvert, I don’t like being in a large group of people for so long it irritates me especially when am not really doing anything much there, I can spend a day alone without talking to anyone and feel so normal plus it makes me think a lot and plan.

So a close friend of mine says that I have some Choleric characteristics in me, I can’t argue because it’s possible for a person to have two temperaments but obviously, one has to be more dominant and since am more of an introvert melancholic dominants over Choleric. Well with all that said, it introduces us to the last series on temperaments basically talking about the various Combinations which are likely in temperaments, following the various temperaments and
what they look like when they are combined together.

Once you have identified your “primary temperament” and the
temperament that is a close second for you, then your ready to see how the two temperaments look when joined together, so your “primary temperament” will be
listed first. For example, if your
primary temperament is a
Sanguine and your runner-up
temperament is a Choleric, they
would be listed as “San/Chol”, your primary Temperament comes first so let’s continue and see.


San/Chol, is the strongest “extrovert” of all the blends
because both types are
extroverted. They are people-
oriented and enthusiastic but with the resolutions of the Choleric tempering the lack of organization of the Sanguine, is almost always a sports enthusiast. They can talk too
much and can be obnoxious if
threatened, the forgetfulness of
the Sanguine and the caustic
nature of the Choleric may make
them hurtful without realizing it.
San/Mel, they are highly
emotional people whose moods
can fluctuate from highs to lows
and back again quickly, the
Sanguine’s outgoing nature often
allows the Melancholy’s critical nature to surface too easily. It is
very easy for a San/Mel to “get
down” on themselves, and to
realize their potential, it is best that they work with others.
San/Phleg, the overpowering
outgoing nature of the Sanguine is tempered by the gracious
Phlegmatic, these are extremely
happy and carefree individuals
who live to help people, they
would not purposely hurt anyone
but they must fight a lack of
workplace motivation, they would rather visit than work.

What are you?


Chol/San, is the second strongest extrovert who is an active and purposeful individual, they are almost fearless and have high
levels of energy, whatever the
profession, their brain is always
active and engaged, their
weaknesses combine the quick
anger of the Sanguine with the
resentment of the Choleric. They
get AND give ulcers, they may
leave people (including spouse
and children) shell shocked and
resentful because of his angry
outbursts. Chol/Mel, they are very industrious and capable, they are both industrious and detailed, combines verbal aggressiveness
with sharp attention to detail. They are very competitive
and forceful, they can be autocratic and opinionated with work habits that keep after details until the job is completely finished, they find interpersonal
relationships difficult due to the
hard-to-please nature of the
Choleric and the perfectionistic nature of the Melancholy.
Chol/Phleg, is the most
subdued of the outgoing
temperaments, they are extremely capable in the long run though they may not impress you that way at first, they organized and a good planner, they often gets more accomplished than other
temperaments because they always thinks in terms of enlisting others to help him. His weaknesses include a tendencyto quietly harbor bitterness rather than letting it out, acknowledging weaknesses is difficult for them and they tend to worry about their performance in life activities.


Phleg/San, is the easiest to get along with being congenial, happy, and people-oriented, they make excellent administrators and other jobs that involve getting along with people. He may lack motivation and discipline and may fall short of his true capabilities.
Phleg/Chol, is the most active of the introverts but they will never be a ball of fire, they can be an excellent counselor because they
are active listeners, practical, helpful and patient, they may lack motivation and may
become stubborn if threatened. They may also have a tendency toward being sedentary and passive, need to be around other people as they are externally motivated. Phleg/Mel, is gracious, quiet,
does the proper thing and are
dependable, they wobble between patience and criticism and may tend toward negativism. They can be afraid of over extending themselves so may avoid involvement in a group.

Do you prefer Being alone like this?, you an introvert. If not your extroverted.


Mel/San, they are detailed and
organized, the Melancholy is
tempered by the outgoing and
warm Sanguine, they do make excellent teachers as they are organized side is well versed in the facts and the Sanguine side makes them enjoyable to listen to, if they go into sales it will be sales that calls for exacting detail and the presentation of many facts. They are emotional people from being moved to tears to being critical and hard on others, both temperaments can be fearful which may make this an insecure person with a poor self image.
Mel/Chol, are both perfectionist and drivers which may lead them into law or medicine, they mix decisiveness and determination, because of the
critical nature of the Melancholy
they may be very difficult to
please. If they become negative about someone or something it
will have a tendency to stay with
them for a long time, their
combination can lead them to “nit- pick” others and be revengeful to those they have a grudge against.
Mel/Phleg, these are often
teachers and scholars, they are
not as prone to hostility as other
Melancholy blends and combine
analysis with organization, they
make excellent accountants and
bookkeepers. Unfortunately he
can become easily discouraged
and may be susceptible to fear and anxiety, they may become
uncooperative because of
stubborn, rigid tendencies.

Smile God has Got You 💯.

In conclusion, as we end these series of temperaments, I have found out that am an introvert Mel/Chol, what are you dear readers please find out so that you get to understand yourself more, so that your relation with others becomes easy. (http://www.selfgrowth.

Thanks a lot for reading, and following all through, hope it has helped you try to discover yourself. Stay tuned in for more, for now we are going to continue with the Purpose driven life series. Stay blessed!