Episode 1: Beauty Of Women

Hello Ladies and gentlemen

I greet you all from wherever you are thanks for passing by. I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that you are doing well my esteemed readers. So being that I have just resumed blogging, I have been deciding on what to be blogging about this month and as I was thinking, I realized that this is a month in which women’s day is celebrated. Therefore I decided to be writing about the different women that have made a great impact in my life and the world, but I will concentrate on the ones that I really look up to most. So if I happen to talk about the one that you also look up to Cheers, if I don’t no offense.

So today, am going to start with my wonderful mother who I greatly look up to, I want to be that kind of woman like my mother is…..Honestly I don’t even know where to start…. I love my mother so very much, she is the one person that am very sure loves me 100%, because I have witnessed her selflessly provide and do all the different things and more for me. Anytime, anyday, anywhere whenever anyone ask me who loves me unconditionally besides God she is my answer. This woman has been there for me through thick and thin, let me just say she is the strongest woman I know. I mean she never gives up, she fights every situation in life till she has won.

My mother inspires me to be better, in fact the best version of my self, though her actions, I don’t know of any hardworking woman than my mother. She is a woman of substance, she prays over everything, in other words she fights on her knees and that has rubed off on me. She has taught me that God is everything I ever need, she has provided for me and made sure I don’t luck anything, oh what a mother! She is a woman of dignity, she respects herself and she knows her worth, oh yes she does, she respects everyone regardless of the different aspects, she is so friendly to everyone.

My mother is so blessed, since she has God and also a blessing to everyone she gets to meet, when she gets a blessing she makes sure she shares it with everyone around her. She is beautiful, oh she is beautiful within her and also on the outer most part (beautiful inside-out), a very dependable and trustworthy person. She knows how to be a mother to everyone.

I could go on and on and on to speak all the good things about my mother since they are countless. And am not prasing her because she is my mother but beacuse she is the best human being that I know. Infact my father has always told me that “your mother is a wonderful woman” and I couldn’t agree more. Therefore in summary, my mother is a wonderful woman. She is my friend, my partner, my confidant, my hero, my pillar, my strong foundation, my mentor, my rebuker, my laughing partner, my sister……. but above all she is my mother, my lovely, amazing, wonderful mother.

Every single day when I kneel down to pray, I thank God for giving me such an amazing human being for a mother, I couldn’t ask for another. I also ask God to preserve her for me so that she sees me become everything she has ever prayed for her daughter because I know she prays for me. And being her only girl I want to make her proud and bring her all the joy that the Lord has to offer through me.

So my mother if you ever get to read this, these words are for you! “My mama I love you so very much. I carry you in my heart at all times. I pray for every good thing to be yours. I pray that God makes me whatever you ever need in a daughter. I pray that am your pride because you are mine and many more things……. I love you mama wange mulungi! ( in luganda acent..haha)

Thank you my dear readers for reading, you can delicate this to your beautiful mother if you like it!

Cheers to all the lovely mothers.


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