Hey Hey!

How do you do my dear ones! It has really been long since I last wrote, my sincere apologies. Happy New Year 2021, and I thank God for enabling you survive till now, I also pray that he continues sustaining you beloved. As for me I am doing well just abit occupied. How have you all been!(feel free to tell me how you have been in the comment section I would really love to know).

So every month I make resolutions of the things I want to achive through out the month( yes I plan my month) and one of my resolution for this month was to resume blogging and to make my site active again effective 1st of march which is today.

But as I came back from campus after a very very hectic day I lied on my bed (actually I even dosed off)when my roommate came in its when I woke up and remember that its the first day of march(I had honestly forgotten) and that there is this one thing I have to do which y’all is blogging (Yiiy)

Its all over my face right. Yes that’s how tired I am 🥱

For a minute I almost postponed it for tomorrow (haha) but then I realised that once you postpone it becomes a habit. So as I resume blogging I just want to encourage you to do whatever you plan to do, don’t push it to the next day if you can do it today because tomorrow also as its own things to handle.

Just do whatever you have to do in it’s planned time, there is a reason as to why you fixed it there. I pray against the spirit of procrastination this month and the rest of the year(and all God’s people say Amen). Thank you for reading my blog. Remember to send in comments telling me how you have been!

Am Well though tired😴😴

Until then beloved!



  1. I find the blog so interesting, Procrastination is a habit am looking to deal with this academic semester. Kudos kevin. Keep the spirit, be blessed.

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