What Stands In Between Your Relationship With God.

“Take my heart I am yours, groom me up to be like you, help me love you like you love me, Jesus I am yours”, lines from a song I love. I told you not to be surprised when I bring in lines from a song. I love music.

How are you’ll fellow Bloggers and my priceless readers! I hope you all doing well, am doing just fine myself.

Most of us believers, crave to have a smooth and great relationship with God our creator, but often times we have all these things that stand between us and our walk with God. This topic today is going to make me sound like a “preacher” (hahahah), but well as long as you understand what am trying to say who cares. Am not a preacher though, am just God’s vessel. And I believe that you probably must have had about what am talking about but well, I just want to add my thoughts and voice to it.

So as I was reading this book, “The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warrens” he was talking about us having a relationship with God which sounds like a very easy thing to do, but it is quite some work to establish that relationship, if you all agree. So it go me thinking what are those things that stand between us and God, there a quite a number of things, each and every one of us has that factor that is stopping you from relating with God like you really want.

Some of the things may be your job, work, friends, phones, food, music, movies, books, games name them, I can’t list them all because the list is quite too long. Often times we make those things to become our idols and we don’t really realise it because I mean your deeply focused on that particular thing that you don’t seem to see that it’s taking you astray. For instance, most of us wake up and immediately grab our phone and start chatting with friends, but when we haven’t really thanked the one who has given us his breath for free, we read all the different message, yet we haven’t read his word that helps us to understand him and strength our relationship with him.

For all have Sinned and Fall Short of the Glory of God.

Romans 3:23

Well you’ll am not perfect, am not even close to it. I believe we are all not perfect, we are sinners. Although, not quite proud of it, we sin continuously knowingly and unknowingly. I have realised the major factor that stands between my relationship with God is other relationships.

When I talk about relationships I don’t necessarily mean with the opposite gender, am talking about all sorts of relationships be it with a girl, boy, man or woman they affect my relationship with God. Am one person who values relationships with others alot, whenever I relate with people I give in my all, and as you all know the heart is not quite a good judge. So if I relate with people that don’t know God they make me stumble in my walk with God and if I relate with ones that have a close relationship with God, I also get to Strength my walk with God too.

Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteous with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness.

2 Corinthians 6:14

Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good Habits.”

1 Corinthians 15:33

So, I have decided to relate with people who add value to my life, so that they also encourage me to Strength my walk with God because it’s very important to me, it’s the most important relationship in life. There is a say, “tell me who you walk with, and I will tell you your character/behavior.” When you relate with people who add value to your life you realise that you also succeed well and become prosperous, because you have support from the right people.

I am learning to be intentional about my relationships and people that I choose to be in my inner circle, with the help of God of course. I rather spend time alone in my space, than relate with people who will keep me from my purpose and my walk with God.

But seek First the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Matthew 6:33

We have to pray and ask God to show us all those things that stop us from relating well with him. So that we work one them, it could be fear, pain, worry, problems, among others. Find out and work on it, our walk with God is very important.

As I conclude, am not perfect, am struggling with my walk with God, but am working on it. I also encourage you to search yourself and work on that thing or things between you and God. Ask God to help you through, he surely will.

Thank you esteemed readers for reading.

Till then readers. A bunch of love.

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