Tribes And Cultures


Hello my fellow Bloggers and my esteemed readers! I hope the week is moving on smooth despite all the hills that we seem be climbing.

So today I have decided to tell you’ll about my other side of life, actually it’s some sort of advertisement, meanwhile I was really debating on whether to write about this or not for days. Tribes and cultures is the name of our small, growing business which was started about a year ago, it is run by me and my best, childhood friend called Akol Grace. We are both students, she is in her last semester at MUBS and am in my second year at UCU, so we came together and decided to do business which will last for a number of years, God willing.

My friend and I, business partners.

So tribes and cultures, deals in making bracelet, keyholders and combs used to hold and design lady’s hair, we basically take in your orders and we make for you what you want as a person, in other words you choose we make. Basically you just have to make an order with a clear description of what you want and we make it for you, plus we also do delivery.

More about the delivery part, we only make delivery for the people around Kampala, Mukono and Wakiso districts because we don’t charge for delivery currently, so delivery is basically on us. But if you make an order and your up country, we can still put it on the bus and you get it. We are planning on taking our business to jumia, and other online applications very soon so that we can be able to reach our different customers from all the various parts of the world.

Why Tribes and Cultures? Well, we chose that name because we play around with people’s Cultural “stuff” to come out with a bracelet, keyholder and a comb, we want a person to be able to carry a piece of their culture just around their wrist. Because culture is one huge, but important aspect. So we thought of something small that a person can carry around, which reminds them of their culture and we came up with a bracelet, keyholder, and a comb. We make them for both ladies and gentlemen.

The other thing is that you may want to gift your loved one with something small, well, we got you covered. In most cases these things that we see as small really mean alot to the person to whom it has been given. We don’t have a permanent place that we call location for now, since we are both students we don’t earn, we just use our little up keep money to invest and expand. Besides we have to be at school. So we work online, where by you make an order, then we deliver after working on it.

A collection of all our work.

Well for more information about tribes and Cultures, contact us on Instagram @tribesandculture, Twitter @tribesandculures and Facebook at tribes and Cultures still. You can still contact me through leaving a comment and I will get back to you.

Thanks alot for so much for reading. Please support our small growing business. Stay blessed

Till then.

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